is a brass septet from Finland. It was established in 1984, when a group of enthusiastic devotees of music who loved the brass septet repertoire decided to continue the Finnish traditions.

In fall 2006 Serpentti visited Malta, where we had two conserts. Picture is taken after an open air concert.

The name of Serpentti comes from an old wooden wind instrument which was a predecessor to the tuba.

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Brass septet

Serpenttis musicians from the left: Lauri Niemi tenor horn, Seppo Piipari tuuba, Alf-Ole Wanamo cornet,Lassi Lintunen cornet, Kari Ketola alto horn, Maija Ahtee euphonium, Pekka Karvanen cornet, Veikko Porra tenor horn, Paavo Helistö klarinet and Paula Virtanen cornet.


The Finnish torviseitsikko (brass septet) is an orchestration with origins dating from the midnineteenth century, a period when Finland was autonomous grand duchy under the Russian empire. By the late 19th century, Finnish brass septets began serving Finland's nationalist aspirations. Just as the alto horn is the soul of brass septet music, the brass septet was an important part of Finnish patriotic and musical education during the creation of Finland's independent identity. Despite a short decline in popularity after the 1940s, Finnish brass septets are once again enjoying a revival in popularity in Finnish musical life.

A brass septet is a unique ensemble on Finnish musical heritage. Prior to the emergence of brass septets in the 1880s most of the population of Finland had never heard polyphonic instrumental music. It was also the first type of folk music ensemble to play from written or printed music. The typical Finnish brass septet consists of an Eb cornet, two Bb cornets, an Eb alto horn, Bb tenor horn, Bb baritone (euphonium) and Eb tuba.

Serpenttis repertoire includes traditional music, waltzes, schottishes, polkas, mazurkas and polonaises combined with music of today. We began with old traditional Finnish septet music, over 200 preludes, serenades, selections of dance music and other hits from early 1900s. Since then, however, our repertoire has grown, with our leader, Pekka Karvanen, arranging music that fits us like a glove, from Glenn Miller and Louis Armstrong to baroque music and tangos. Serpentti has enjoyed performing in and participating in intensive training sessions at home and abroad. These have included trips to Austria, Cyprus, Czechoslovakia, Estonia, Hungary, Ireland, Portugal, Turkey and Malta.Serpentti is also regular participant in the Lieksa Brass Week, a world famous summer meeting place for brass players from throughout the globe.

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